Inzpira – Learn English the fun way!

Inzpira has developed a unique, proven and innovative methodology to help people learn a language just like how a person learn their mother tongue.

English is called the universal language for a reason because it is used in so many different countries. And for many reasons the ability to speak English fluently will help a person to have a good future.  It is a crucial skill for getting a good job and to integrate into a wider society. However, learning to speak English can be a challenging task, especially for the underprivileged children in rural communities. Fortunately, a start-up is trying to solve exactly this problem.

Called Inzpira, the Trivandrum based start-up is a unique spoken English, personality development and soft-Skills training institute.  The start-up aims to simplify the process of learning English. Inzpira uses an unconventional approach to English Learning. They dont belive in conventional text book studies. ‘Education Through Entertainment’, this is what they believe in.


Inzpira has developed a unique, proven and innovative methodology to help people learn a language just like how a person learn their mother tongue. At Inzpira, they consider English Language as a ‘Letter Island,’ a small island country located somewhere in the North Atlantic ocean, 70 Km west of England. The total population of this beautiful island is just 26. The only predominant political party here is known as Alphabets. The entire language is thought through the conversations, problems and situations these 26 people face in their small Letter Island.

Just like Just like how a baby learns to speak a language, Inzpira start from sounds and will walk the students through rhymes, songs, movies and games that enlightens their listening and oratory skills.


Inzpira is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs –  Rohith Namboothiri and Sruthy Ramesh.  Rohith Namboothiri is a young passionate entrepreneur often referred to as “A Unique Product Made in India”. He became a Web Architect at the age of 8 and an entrepreneur at the age of 15. Rohith is also a motivational speaker and has took part in TedX too.

Inzpira is not just about learning English. They offer training on Personality Development, The Art of Public Speaking to speak effectively in public, Accent Training, Self Confidence Training, The Art of Effective Speaking to convey your thoughts effectively, Motivational Training and  Spoken English & Communication. Inzpira also provides traning on Art of Deception which gives training on how to professionally lie for the best of your interest and spot a liar immediately and the Art of Convincing to win people and influence others and Interview Skills which helps you to crack an interview in minutes.

Inzpira also belives that education shouldn’t be a business and everyone deserves to learn English. There are lots of brilliant minds in the backward classes of the society who is denied access to education to an extend. What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of someone who can’t afford an education? To address this problem, Inzpira has started a novel initiative called InzpiraForAll.  InzpiraForAll, is a not for profit initiative to educate these underprivileged population with one of the most powerful tool of this modern era, English as a Spoken language.  The team has already taken classes at shelter homes such as Sri Chitra Homes, Mahila Mandiram etc.


Inzpira reaches out to as many people as possible of all ages and empower them with their specially crafted gift. They are trying to reach as many government schools, orphanages in Trivandrum and other parts of Kerala. Inzpira aim to spread their revolutionary method of learning English that would give these brilliant minds an opportunity to spread their wings.

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