Kanthallur-Valiasala – The 1000-Year Old University in Trivandrum You May Not have Heard of

Even as Valiyasala remains an unimposing patch in the city, one is tempted to believe that Kanthalloor Shala has left a certain tradition of attitude, thriving even in current times.

Kerala Archaeology Department will step in to restore the cultural heritage of the Kanthallur-Valiasala area.

The plan was unveiled by Minister for Archaeology and Archives Kadannappally Ramachandran. The minister was speaking after inaugurating the Paithrakagramam scheme to reclaim and protect the culture of Kanthallur-Valiasala under the initiative of the Janamaithri scheme of the police. The Thampanoor Janamithri Police is teaming up with residents’ associations and cultural activists to reclaim and conserve the Kanthallur Shala.

More-than-1,000-year-old Kanthalloor Shala known as the Nalanda of the south, is an ancient university.

Kanthalloor Shala known as the Nalanda of the south is an ancient university. More-than-1,000-year-old Kanthalloor Shala in Valiyasala, is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country.

Minister assured that efforts will be taken to protect the cultural heritage of Kanthalloor Shala. The Archaeology and Archives departments of Kerala has taken steps in this regard.

Ancient records  says that Kanthalloor Shala was really a massive full fledged University which had students from even other countries.

The Shala was once a famous centre of knowledge and due to the quality of education provided by this ancient university, it attracted the scholars from other parts of India. The shala was a Vedic school residential in nature, with students living in proximity to the teacher. Classrooms were made of large stone pillars and slabs. The University thought many subjects such as Vedas, Mantras, Astrology, Science, Medicine and even arts subjects such as music, drama and dance.

Coming to present day Valiyasala remains as an underdeveloped area in the city and it is hard to believe that this place hosted one of the oldest universities in the world.

Earlier when the monorail was first mooted, the original alignment of the monorail was passing right through the ancient heritage site of Valiyasala. Thanks to constant protest from the local residents and associations, DMRC came up with a new alignment which avoids the Valiasala area saving age old Kanthalloor Shala.

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