‘Aakashvani will be a perfect family movie’: Khais Millen – Exclusive Interview

The city based director is now coming to us with his debut movie Aakashvani which will be released coming Friday.

Khais Millen rose to fame through the much acclaimed short film ‘Lipstick’. The city based director is now coming to us with his debut movie Aakashvani which will be released next Friday. Read more to know what he had to share with us!


Khais Millen’s debut movie Aakashvani is all set to release on February 19th. The film has Vijay Babu and Kavya Madhavan in lead roles. “Aakashvani is the story of Aakash and Vani. Aakash and Vani are well settled professionals who lead a very busy life. Their relationship represents the fast life of these days. It’s a very simple family story narrated in a very interesting manner. Vijay has brilliantly executed the role of Aakash. Kavya’s portrayal as Vani will be one of her finest performances till date”, he says.

Khais Millen

Aakashvani is produced by Pravin Arackal. The film was shot in parts of Trivandrum, Kollam, Ernakulam and Wayanad.


“As a new director, I had limitations in the field of casting. The producer of the movie Pravin Arackal introduced me to Vijay Babu. I, Pravin and Vijay discussed a lot of subjects before zeroing on this story. From the beginning I was sure that Vijay and Kavya were the apt artists for essaying the lead roles. The whole cast and crew was amazed at the chemistry they shared from day one of shoot. Their chemistry onscreen will justify the casting. Anyways, I’m 100% satisfied with the output”, he added.


The movie is scripted by Vinod and Vinodh. He believes that the movie is a result of teamwork. The movie cast also includes Lalu Alex, Sethulakshmi, Sreejith Ravi, Saiju Kurup, Lijo Jose Pellissery etc. Lijo dons the role of Thomas in this movie. “Thomas is a very close friend of Aakash and Vani. Lijo’s casting seems perfect and he has delivered the role of Thomas effectively”.

‘Love for Cinema’

Khais hails from a family with drama background. His father is a drama artist who also writes and directs drama. “The love for drama aroused during my schooldays. I’m basically a writer and used to write for dramas those days. The love for cinema strengthened during high school and college days. The luckiest factor was that I had a good friend’s circle that was equally obsessed and serious about movies. The healthy discussions among us really encouraged and motivated me and that’s how I decided to become assistant director. When the right opportunity came, I did my first short film ‘Lipstick’. The response for the short film was the real booster for an independent film. Pravin was always confident of my talent and wanted to do a film with me. After ‘Lipstick’, he urged me to do an independent film and introduced me to Vijay Babu. And that’s how I was roped in as assistant director for ‘Peruchazhi’. And after an year, we are back to you with Aakashvani”, he says.

Post ‘Lipstick’

Lipstick is still one of the most discussed short films everywhere. It has already won over 83 awards from several film festivals, out of which 50 are international recognitions. Lipstick gave me the confidence to do a feature film. The guts and teamwork shown by the entire cast and crew of Lipstick helped it attain a cult status.”

To the viewers..

“Everyone can expect a good family entertainer in Aakashvani. It’s a pure family emotional drama narrated in a funny, interesting manner. It will be a movie which can be enjoyed by everyone; no over expectation please!” he says smilingly.

Khais Millen


“Yes, Trivandrum is the city which primarily influenced my love for cinema. This city gave me the base as a writer and director. The city also gifted me a lot of good friends who always had definite influence in my life. Hometown is another ‘home’. It provides the same comfort and security which our home gives”

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