‘Xbox One’ In The Stage

Microsoft also introduced a new control pad for Xbox One, which is known as D-Pad.

On May 22nd, in a dedicated event, the technology giant Microsoft announced their next generation gaming console, which is named as Xbox One. This device was also called as ‘Xbox 720’ as the former console was dubbed as Xbox 360. As all you might know, Microsoft Xbox is dedicated for Gaming, but not this version at least. The company has actually made the device, a control room of your entertainment experience, which also includes tremendous gaming as well. Let’s have a look on top Xbox Features before going to technical specifications of the multi-purpose entertainment device by Microsoft Corporation.

The developers had introduced the use of Voice Commands in Xbox through the introduction of Kinect. For an example, you say ‘Xbox On’, which could switch ON the device and will lead you to the totally personalized home screen. As said before, for making the device your entertainment center, Microsoft has stuffed some quite useful features in Xbox One. Other than playing games, you can connect the cable, set top box or any kind of Television service provider input and watch your favorite TV programs using the same device.  Just like all services, this feature is now specially designed for set top boxes in United States, which creates a word of doubt in India Set Top Box owner’s mind.

Multi-tasking is also a noticeable feature of Xbox One. If you want to do many activities at a time, you can split up the screen of Xbox One. Say you want to play a game while you are talking to your friends on Skype or watching some movies, you can then use these multi-tasking features. Skype is coming pre-installed with Xbox following Microsoft’s acquisition. Stating that rumors were true, Xbox One is running on an x86-based octa-core (8 processing cores) processor by replacing the former’s Power PC architecture. Not much info about device’s hardware is currently available but we could definitely expect a powerful one.

As it is a gaming based console, the company had previewed some Games in the announcing event such as Forza Motorsport 5, Quantum Break, FIFA 14, NBA Live 14 etc. and a few titles from EA were also announced at the event. Xbox Live, the online partner of Xbox has acquired some features in the new version such as Game Match, Game DVR, Expanded Achievements, and Living Games. Let’s have a look on this triplet.

Smart Match is designed to set up online matches between friends, more quickly than before. This feature can find people with whom you will love to play, even when you are engaged in some other activities.

Game DVR is actually a derivative of share feature in Playstation 4. Using the feature, you can record the video of Game and can store it in the Cloud servers. It has some standard editing features for video as well. Achievement system of Xbox also has some improvements. The device will record the video when you are at a specific achievement and these achievements can improve the Microsoft Live Game Scores.

Microsoft has taken a clever move in the next Xbox. Once you put a game disc into the Xbox drive, it will be locked and saved with your account, which prevents the use of same disc, by other users. The other user will be asked to pay a fee for using the disc. Even if you saw your disc stolen, you can make sure that it is unusable by another person.

Microsoft also introduced a new control pad for Xbox One, which is known as D-Pad. The controller is quite different from the older one and brings some new features as well. However, the pad lacks a touchpad unlike Play Station 4. Finally, let’s have a look on the device’s technical specifications.

  • X86 Eight Core Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • HDMI Input
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • 1080p & 4K Supported

Seems like Xbox One is going to have a tight competition with Play Station 4, even though it lacks some features. Let us see how the game is going to take place.

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