Now order your office lunch online with Live2Eat!

Live2Eat is the only food delivery service in India that offers office lunches at the press of a button.

#EnteThiruvananthapuram: D4Delivery, a Trivandrum based logistic start-up that delivers restaurant dishes to the customer’s doorsteps has been catering Trivandrumites for almost a year. Building on this success the company has launched another novel idea, this time for the offices.


Called as Live2Eat, they aim to deliver healthy, high quality lunch to offices based on orders taken from the customers. Now a day’s people are only looking for high quality food. Lack of healthy, affordable and variety of food availability at a single point is a serious problem that affects employees who depend outside lunch. Live2Eat aims to solve this problem by delivering freshly prepared food to your office on time making your daily lunch convenient.  Anyone can order their lunch ranging from small group to large team in just few minutes.

Placing an order on Live2Eat is just like ordering a pizza online. All you have to do is to logon to or use Live2Eat Android App. Choose your favourite lunch and confirm the order. The lunch will be delivered at your office between 1pm and 2pm. Payment will be collected upon delivery.  Customers are also able to set a lunch program for their entire week or month.


Every meal is beautifully photographed and presented with a description, ratings and ingredients. From Pav Bhaji to Portuguese Chicken Wrap to South Indian Veg Meals, Live2Eat has it all. Live2Eat has a rotating menu on daily basis based on the customer reviews and on the choice of their curator. They also add new menus on every week. The company has collaborated with the best local restaurants and individuals to provide quality and affordable meals that are prepared fresh daily.

Currently Live2Eat is only available inside Technopark, Trivandrum.

Already more than hundreds of people have registered for their service. Soon they will expand their service to Trivandrum City and in the future they plan to launch their service across the whole country.

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