Where to have Onam Sadhya in Trivandrum? Restaurants offering Onam Sadhya!

Here is the list of hotels and restaurants in Trivandrum which are providing Onam sadya packages.

Onam is here and the restaurants in the capital are celebration Onam in style by providing delicious and grand Onam Sadya. This year’s Onam sadya just got bigger and better this Onam. Here is the list of hotels and restaurants in Trivandrum which are providing Onam sadya packages.

GrandMaster’s Kitchen

GrandMaster's Kitchen, Photo credit: StanceMagazine.in

GrandMaster’s Kitchen, Photo credit: StanceMagazine.in

Grandmaster’s Kitchen at Palayam has announced special Onam Sadhya called the “GrandMasters Sadaya“. The price per ila is Rs.250 and the sadya will be available till Thiruvonam. One of the highlights of GrandMasters Sadaya is that you get to taste the authentic Ambalapuzha Palpayasam prepared by the real cooks of Ambalapuzha.

Travancore Aramana Restaurant


Travancore Aramana Restaurant at Vanross Junction is another hotel which is offering Onasadya. The sadya will be available till September 14. It contains 25 different varieties of curries and 2 varieties of Payasam. The hotel also provides special items such as authentic Kuttanadan dishes like Kuttanadan duck roast and Karimeen Pollichathu. The price per sadya is Rs270. Call: 0471-4064060 or 9061603111

Moti Mahal Restaurant


Moti Mahal Restaurant of the Ridges Hotels at Pattom Kuravankoanam Road also offers delicious Onasadya to its customers. The feat contains all the usual curries and payasam.  For booking call 0471-3104777, 0471-2542061

Mothers Veg Plaza


Mothers Veg Plaza at Bakery junction is famous for having sadya as their main course. The hotel offers 20+ variety of different items for sadya. It is also one of the most sought after destination to try Onasadya in Trivandrum. Call Phone: 0471 4012255

Hotel Chaitram

The hotel’s annual payasam mela is on with 15+ varieties of payasam (10Am to 10Pm). There is also an Onasadya organized by KTDC this Onam with 30 dishes including pal payasam, pal ada, and ada prathaman.Contact: 2330977.

Sagara Hotel Karikkakam

Sagara hotel which is famous for sea food is offering a special Onasadya with fish items. They are challenging the conventional Onasadya which is pure vegetarian by offering delicious sea food. Some of the items include Meen Avial, Kozhi varuthathu, Kozhi Thoran, Poth Achat, fish fries etc.

Call- 9497616161

Kerala House Statue

Kerala House at statute is another hotel that provides traditional Kerala Food. It is a must try for those who love Kerala meals with fish curry. The hotel is offering a special Onasadya with more than 30+ varieties of items.

Call: 0471 301 2144

The list doesn’t end here. There are so many hotels that are offering onasadya, this season. The hotels and the price rate of Onasadya are given below.

  • Imperial Kitchen – Rs. 289
  • Maurya Rajadhani – Rs. 475 + Tax
  • Windsor Rajadahano – Rs480
  • Park Rajadhani – Rs290
  • The Capital Hotel- Rs.300
  • The Main Course – Rs.249
  • SP Grand Days- Rs.500
  • Appolo Dimora – Rs.500
  • Biverah- Rs.325
  • BSix- Rs.250
  • City Palace- Rs225.

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