South Indian Bank assists RCC Trivandrum in cancer treatment

South Indian Bank has earmarked Rs50 lacs for subsidizing the Cancer Care for Life Scheme.

For a noble cause, South Indian Bank (SIB) has tied up with the Regional Cancer Centre Trivandrum, with an aim to support cancer patients.  The ‘Cancer Care for Life’ scheme, originally launched by the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), is now available in all branches of the South Indian Bank (SIB).

RCC launched the new scheme as cancer treatment is expensive. In the ‘Cancer Care for Life’ program, RCC will provide advanced cancer treatment free of cost to all those who join the scheme up to a prescribed limit. South Indian Bank has decided to support RCC and share a part of the cost as an additional support to all their customers through the new initiative.

Under this scheme a one-time payment of Rs 500/- will enable treatment benefit of Rs 50,000 in RCC Thiruvananthapuram during the lifetime, similarly a onetime payment of Rs. 1000/- enables for a coverage up to Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 2000/- for coverage up to Rs.2 lakh per individual. A contribution of Rs.10, 000/- ensures a coverage up to Rs. 5 lakhs.

The scheme is open to all Indian citizens who are not cancer patients at present. The scheme benefits accrue only 2 year after enrolment and are available only to proved cancer cases. South Indian Bank has earmarked Rs50 lacs for subsidizing the Cancer Care for Life Scheme. This is in line with the banks CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) objectives.

The scheme was inaugurated by Minister for Finance K.M. Mani inaugurated the ‘Cancer care for life enrolment’ programme. Cine actor Innocent launched the scheme at the function in which Salim Gangadharan, Regional Director, Reserve Bank, and Thomas Jacob, Director, South Indian Bank.

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