Trivandrum gearing up for disaster preparedness program

The ‘City Disaster Management Plan' for Trivandrum is expected to be released in July.

As part of the Climate Risk Management Project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Trivandrum City Corporation is set to procure a whole set of safety equipment in order to step up disaster preparedness.

Corporation is planning to spend an amount of Rs 32lakh from its Plan fund for stepping up disaster preparedness with Rs.17 lakh of that amount exclusively for purchasing equipment. Officials of the Civic body have already approached SIDCO and Kendriya Bhandar for initial consultations.

The list of emergency equipment to be purchased include  wood-cutters, concrete cutters, searchlights, hydraulic spreaders, pump-sets (diesel, kerosene and electric), inflatable rubber boat,  life jackets, tents, buoys, automatic weather station system, rescue stretchers, protective hand gloves, gumboots, portable generators, and public address systems.

Corporation will also release ‘City Disaster Management Plan’ which is part of the ‘Government of India-UNDP Climate Risk Management Project in Urban Areas through Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation.’ The ‘City Disaster Management Plan’ for Trivandrum is expected to be released in July.

Community-based disaster risk management to train people to fight emergency situations is currently being carried out. Training is being provided in first aid, firefighting, search and rescue, and other operations. Four groups in each ward will be trained and task forces will be formed. Experts from various agencies, including the National Disaster Response Force and the Fire and Rescue Services, are training the groups.

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