“We’re Sorry”: A song with a specific message to the society

Delhi gang rape, one of the most brutal incidents that shook India inspired San to write this song.

It’s been one year since the Delhi gang rape took place. That was one of the incidents which shocked the entire nation and humanity. The incident was followed by a lot of protests and awareness programmes. However, the attitude of our society got changed? Are women still safe in our country? The answer will be a big ‘NO’ and it’s true that there isn’t much decrease in the number of such brutal acts! To bring a change, we need to change. That’s where San Jaimt & friends have set an example. Their song “We’re Sorry” is a tribute to everyone who experienced this pain. The song became an instant hit after getting released in YouTube.

“We’re Sorry”

‘We’re Sorry’ is a song by rapper/lyricist ‘San Jaimt’ for his debut music video. The song is inspired by the increasingly recent happenings of atrocities against women in India. It is a tribute to all of humanity who had to endure the pain of being abused. This video song was inspired by the recent happenings of abuse and violence against women.

The music video is directed by San Jaimt and Nizam Basheer featuring Harish Chandran and Nithya. Backed by guitar and piano, the track is a mid-tempo rap that describes anguish and remorse of abused women. The chorus is rendered by Mahesh Peter and San Jaimt, whereas programming was handled by Prakash Alex. The scenes were exclusively shot using Canon 7D and 5D cameras by Benny Insite and Inendu Krishnan. The song hopes and wishes  that no one suffers from such enormities.


Delhi gang rape, one of the most brutal incidents that shook India inspired San to write this song. Women are being mistreated in every part of the world. This is something that we all should be ashamed off. “This did not start today or yesterday, it’s been happening for ages. However, if you want a better world, you and I have to change. I don’t think these issues would ever stop, unless people change. Let’s hope and pray for a better world”, says San. San believes that he did his part convincingly by producing this music. If his music made anybody think regarding these issues at least for a second, then his hard work has paid off, he believes so.

‘San Jaimt: The rapper’

"We're Sorry": A song with a specific message to the society

Sanju Jaison a.k.a ‘San Jaimt’ has done a total of 3 albums. His rap got featured in rapped in Malayalam films like ‘The Hitlist’, and ‘Face to Face’ under the music direction of Alphons Joseph. He even got the chance to work in Dulquer Salman’s ‘ABCD’, he considers this as a lucky affair. His next project will be Srinath Rajendran’s ‘Koothara’ which is composed by Gopi Sundar. He was featured in Malayala Manorama newspaper and also in a popular radio channel based in Dubai called 94.7 FM. He believes there are actually good rappers from Kerala. However, the issue is that most of the rappers don’t keep it real but instead they tend to talk about things that might have influenced them to start off rapping. Most of them believe that rapping is all about talking about gangster stuffs, guns, talking about girls, cars, jewels, lot of curses and stuff. “Rap is all about being real, it’s about messages”, he talks about what rap means to him.


The song was a well accepted rap song with a message to stay in the hearts of millions of viewers. Initially, they started with a featuring through MalluWines, an online channel which supported them and took the viewership to a great level. The project was also appreciated by Malayala Manorama channel. Recently, the video was telecast through the channel 9XO globally in the ‘Top 40’ program which boosted up the responses from numerous viewers. The song is also being featured in the VH1 website which gave them terrific responses again. The message they meant to deliver through the song is being accepted globally in the true sense. They had to face criticism too.  But, as a team, they never backed down because their motives were sincere and godly.

To the society

The song is their message to the entire world. Each and every word in the song depicts emotions and pain that any human being would have to go through during such a situation. They believe that it’s high time that we all remove the criminal minded animal in the society and also from our minds. A humble prayer to wake up the world -that was their try! And they believe they have succeeded in spreading the carpet wide.

They would like to thank Nikhil KP, Rumshi, Beyan Jacob, Retheesh Roy, Mariya James, Kripa Jacob, Karthick Iyer and Girish Chandran, the team of ‘We’re Sorry’, whose instrumental support was crucial in the making and success of this musical video.

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