10 eat-outs in Trivandrum that serve real delightful food!

These eateries have something unique in their menu and satisfy both your appetite and your wallet.

If you are a food lover and you are not looking for a fancy restaurant. Then we have prepared a list of eateries in and around Trivandrum that serves your taste buds and fulfils your appetite! Each of these restaurants are unique in their own way. Here is our list of top 10 eat-outs in Trivandrum that serve real delightful food!

1. Muttakada Chalai

An open kitchen without any sign board, Muttakada at Chalai is a small food cart that specializes in egg dishes. Muttakada offers a large variety of spicy egg dishes to savour. They beat, flip, boil, fry and hammer eggs as customers perch on the counter waiting for their dish. And if you find your dish too chilli, you can always order a cool drink to cool down your mouth. Muttakada is located on the first right when coming from Killipalam to Chalai Bazaar. Do visit this place if you want to taste mouth-watering egg dishes.

Location: Chalai, first right when coming from Killipalam to Chalai Bazaar

2. Krishna Hotel Kattachalkuzhi

A little away from the Coconut Research Station, Kattachelkuzhi is the famous Krishna Hotel. Krishna Hotel is well known for its spicy, tasty and delicious ‘Chicken Perattu’.  Although this is a no-frills place, it is a favourite eatery for the foodies of Trivandrum. Country chicken is marinated and cooked the old fashioned way on a wood stove. The spicy chicken perattu is served with Parotta, Puttu and Kappa.  The place is open from 10am to 9.30pm and the price is a delight too.

Location: Kattachalkuzhi, Near Coconut Research Station

3. Chandran Chettan’s Tea Shop – Chinthya Chayakkada

Chandran Chettan’s Tea Shop needs no introduction. Located at Shankar road, Sasthamangalam near RKD NSS High School, it’s one of the famous tea and snack bar in the city. You can taste a variety of delicious snacks, hot and fresh, just the way you want it.  Main snack item on Chandran Chettan’s Tea Shop is the delectable Mutta Baji. Whether it is Mutta Baji or Samosa or Sandwich Bread, snacks here is sure to make your mouth water for more!  The shop is open on all days from 6.30 in the morning to 7.30 in the evening.

Location: Shankar road, Sasthamangalam near RKD NSS High School

4. Chitra Juice Bar

If you are looking for a juice shop that offers an uncanny assortment of fresh fruit juices, then visit Chitra Juice Palace, near Law college Junction at Thekkummoodu. Popularly known as the ‘herbal juice shop’, Chitra Juice Bar is well known for its nutritious drinks made of vegetables and herbs. Owner Suresh Babu creates various combinations of fruits juices based on your taste. The juice is served to you in a steel mug and you can pour it out to a glass.  Suresh says that his combination of juices have proven to have medicinal qualities that help those with lifestyle illnesses.

Location: Near Law college Junction at Thekkummoodu

5. ‘Nadan Arabi’

‘Nadan Arabi’ is a relatively new takeout in the city. The exotic eatery which is located at NH Karamana (opposite to Bata showroom) serves Arabic food with local flavour. One of the main highlight of the eatery is its delicious ‘Irachi Masala puttu’. Irachi Masala Puttu is a dish with a special flavour of meat and masala. You can also try out other ‘nadan’ food items such as appam, perotta, idiyappam etc. Nadan Arabi is open on all days from 6pm in the evening to 11:30pm.

Location: NH47 Karamana, Opposite Bata showroom

6. Aanjanam’s Kattan Delight

Aanjanam’s Kattan Delight is an exclusive tea shop dedicated to hot beverages. Kattan Delight is also located on the NH 47 Karamana, opposite to Bata showroom. The place is usually crowded with regulars and semi-regulars waiting for their favourite item. Green tea, Ice tea, Lemon tea, Ginger tea, Kattan Kappi etc are some of the hot beverages that are served here. Apart from tea and coffee, Aanjanam’s Kattan Delight also serves light snacks such as Rasa Vada, Parippuvada and other snacks. On a cold rainy day, a glass of Kattan is just what you need.

Location: NH47 Karamana, Opposite Bata showroom

7. Twin Juice Shop, Chenthitta

On the road towards Kilippalam from Powerhouse road, you will come across two fresh juice joints, shortly after the junction. The juice joints offer a wide variety of tasty real fruit juice to its customers. Mango shake, Shamam shake, Orange, Grape, Pomegranate are some of the juice items present on their list. The price is reasonable and is value for money. Another highlight is that, the two juice joints will be open till around 1am. So if you wish to have fresh juice after your second show movie, this is the place to be.

Location: Chenthitta towards Killipalam

8. Afsal Hotel Vizhinjam

Afsal is a well known local fast food joint located at Vizhinjam. The food joint is famous for its spicy chicken fry. The spicy marinate chicken fry made from a secret recipe and the high amounts of chilly are sure to make your eyes and mouth water. If you have low tolerance to hot chilly then its better if you take it slow. You can also have parotta as a side dish to your spicy chicken fry. The place is usually crowded after 7pm.

Location: On Vizhinjam- Poovar Road

9. Chaat Stall Karamana

On the way to Karamana from Kilippalam, there locate a small make-shift stall on the side of the street, selling mouth-watering savoury Chaats. The stall sells all kinds of chaat such as Bhel puri, Sev puri, Dahi puri, Masala puri and a few more, each at an average of Rs20. Office-goers, college students, and teenagers queue up for evening snacks from the cart selling fresh chaat right off the street. The stall will be open from 7pm and shuts it by around 11pm.

Location: National Highway Karamana

10. Savari

Savari is a unique thattukada in Trivandrum located on the GPO – Vanchiyoor road. What sets apart this restaurant from others is their flavoursome Chicken Chukka and Dum Biriyani. That’s not all; Savari is the only place in Trivandrum where you can get real Sulaimaani. The mixtures of all kinds of flavours really nudge your taste buds to grab a plate. Other items in the menu include Puttu, Parotta, Iddiyappam, Beef Roast and Liver Roast. Families and youngsters are their main customers. Savari will be open from evening to late night.

Location: Left side on the GPO – Vanchiyoor road

So there you have it, the best 10 eat-outs in Trivandrum that satisfy both your appetite and your wallet. There are many other excellent vegetarian restaurants in Trivandrum. Do you think we missed any best hotels? Let us know via comments.

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