5 Free Must Have iPhone Apps For Beginners

Free iPhone Apps

Have you recently bought a new iPhone? And don't know which app to download first for you iPhone? Well, here is a list of 5 must have applications for iPhone beginners.

So, you are new to the world of iPhone , recently bought a new iPhone have you? And you stare at the Apple Store , gazing at the tons of apps that pop up on the store, wondering which you need and could be useful for you? Well, here I’m listing down the 5 must have free iPhone apps for someone who’s new to the iOS world.

5 Must Have Free iPhone Apps For Beginners.

1. Facebook: You need no introduction to Facebook (do you?) , unless of course you haven’t had a chance to create an account there, still the chances of an individual of the present generation having an account on this widely popular Social Network is as high as 95%. This app pretty much does all the stuff you expect of an App for Facebook to keep in touch with your friends, to get the latest buzz going viral over the net, or even helps you remember your buddy’s birthday, just like a reminder that you have set (once you sync your Facebook account with your phone), something which is still lacking in the sibling app on Android devices. (Download Facebook iPhone app)

2. Flipboard: You love reading magazines and love being in sync with the latest news, and you are looking for a App that helps you do the same? Look no further, Flipboard is the right app for you and your needs. It lets you pick a wide range of magazines and journals, which you are interested in, and brings in the latest updates right at your fingertips. Using the app all by itself gives you the thrills, with a fine touch of transitions that very well compliment the name of the app. Putting them aside, you even get to set up your Twitter account and Facebook account, which brings in all their feeds into the app as well, making this an all-in-all utility app for a social bee. (Download Flipboard from app store).

Free iPhone Apps Instagram3. Instagram: Love clicking photos and applying effects on them to give it a retro or vintage finish? Instagram is the solution to what you crave for. The most widely used and most popular photography app, it comes with quite a set of effects to choose from, which you can apply on any photo you take instantly or even on your favourite wallpapers from the gallery. Along with the basic effects, you get to apply a blur effect which actually gives an awesome finish to your pic. You get to share them on major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and it even has its very own wide network of users. (Download Instagram)

4. Alarmed: If you are a business personnel with a busy and hectic schedule on a daily basis, well this could be quite an effective app for you to put all the mess in a place. ‘Alarmed’ is a reminder app, which does what its supposed to do in a beautiful and elegant manner. It is fully trigged by touch gestures, but effectively puts your daily tasks in order, based on priorities. A simple and eye catching app, which lets you list out you tasks the way you want them to be. (Download Alarmed reminder app)

5. Youlu: This is definitely a must have app, that’s cross-platform. Owned a Symbian or Android phone and wants to get all those contacts on your new iPhone without loosing any of them? This is the perfect solution for you. Back up all your contacts and messages with this app and you can get them on your iPhone by signing into your account and syncing it with the phone. As simple as that , you’ll never to fear loosing your contacts again when changing your phone. (Download Youlu iPhone app)

All of the above mentioned apps are free to download from the Apple Store, and these are some of the must-have free iPhone apps especially if you got yourself a brand new iPhone.

Image Credits: smartinsights.com

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