The Sasya series of products from this all-women biotech start-up helps keep your plants robust and healthy

The Sasya range of plant growth promoters from Aeka is a specially-formulated series of highly effective soil microbial consortia.

The all-women bio-tech start-up Aeka Biochemicals has launched a new range of products which helps in increasing the rapid growth of plants and crops in your garden or farm.

Called as Sasya, the microbial plant growth promoter is a series of highly effective consortia of selected species of naturally occurring soil microorganisms. The range consists of various products each being specially formulated and tested for specific target crops.


Sasya Sutra

Sasya Sutra is ideal for your home nursery and garden use. The product enhances plant growth hormone action and boosts immunity of your plants. Plus it has many antibiotic properties and act as a natural insect & pest repellent.

Sutra can be used in Vegetables, plantain, coconut palm, tubers, fruit & flowering plants.

Sasya Mitra

Sasya Mitra is best suited for your kitchen, home or terrace gardens. Mitra contains various nutrient supplements, phosphate & nitrogen solubiliser to increase the plant growth. It will protect the plant against stem rot, early & late blight, powdery mildew, leaf spotting, root wilt etc. The product also contains natural immunity booster, insect & pest repellent and antifungal properties.

Sasya Mitra can be applied to Cereals, vegetables, fruits, flowering & ornamental plants.

Sasya Raksha

Sasya Raksha is another product that helps promote the growth of the plants. Raksha protects the plant from pests and insects such as Potato beetle, bollworm, budworm, armyworm, cabbageworm, caterpillars, tomato hornworm, tomato fruit worm, black fly etc. Raksha is ideal for large gardens, and farms.

Raksha  is best suited to large gardens and farms and the target crop includes Vegetables and fruit plants.

Sasya Poshak

Sasya Poshak acts as a growth promoter and nutrient supplement for the crops. It also has natural immunity booster, insect & pest repellent. The natural antifungal and antibiotic properties of Poshak make sure your crop stay healthy. Poshak protects crops from Bollworm, wilt, powdery mildew, fruit spots, stem borer, fruit borer, epilachna beetle, aphids, thrips, nematodes etc.

Sasya Poshak is best suited for large farms that has vegetables, fruits, flowers, tubers etc.

Sasya Poshak+

Sasya Poshak+ is another variant of Poshak. Sasya Poshak+ contains antifungal and antibiotic activity and promotes plant growth thorough natural action. It also acts as an immunity booster and as a nutrient supplement. It protects crops from tea mosquito, powdery mildew, scale insects.

Sasya Poshak+ is best suited for large plantations that contains Tea, spices, rubber, cashew.

Aeka Biochemicals, the bio-tech start-up based out of Trivandrum was launched last year. Aeka, is the brain child of two entrepreneurs – Ms. Aardra Chandra Mouli and Ms. Gayathri Thankachi and is conceived as a bio-tech firm manufacturing high value biotech products.

The firm’s mission includes promotion of women entrepreneurship and also creation of a platform for young talents to do something in the field of biotechnology, biochemicals and life sciences.

The Sasya range of products are now available at Agro Bazaar, opposite Fort Mission High School, a unit of Kerala Agro Industries Corporation. They can also be purchased directly from Aeka Biochemicals Pvt. Ltd. (Contact: +91 9497699919 / [email protected])


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