Best 10 vegetarian restaurants in Trivandrum

If you are a diehard fan of vegetarian delights this is a must-visit list of restaurants for you.

Looking for some good vegetarian restaurants in Trivandrum? If you are a diehard fan of vegetarian delights or just wanted to unwind with the family, take a look at the following names and have a wonderful time there. It’s all here in this guide to the Best 10 Vegetarian restaurants in Trivandrum.

1. Ariya Nivaas


Located near Thampanoor Railway Station, Arya Nivas still seems to be the best vegetarian restaurant in Trivandrum. Strictly vegetarian, hotel offers all types of authentic South Indian cuisine. The overall ambience of the Arya Nivas hotel is also excellent. Most people have the opinion that, the food is bit pricy but still worth the money.  81% of people recommended this hotel in Trip Advisor.

Location: Opposite Kairal/Shree Theatre, Thampanoor

2. Arul Jyothi


Arul Jyothi is one of the famous vegetarian restaurants in Trivandrum. They offer you a whole lot of choices on their platter- ranging from plain dosa to North Indian plates such as Rotti. The restaurant does have a nice ambiance inside, with low lighting and nice tables and chairs. Their service is efficient and fast. Table availability is difficult since it gets too crowded during the peak hours. Arul Jyothi is located at the Taj Arcade located near bakery junction.

Location: Near flyover, Bakery Junction

3. Pathayam Naturopathic Food Restaurant


For all those health conscious foodies out there in Trivandrum, here is a restaurant that offers 100% organic and nutritious food. Located on the Statute-General Hospital Jn Road (Tutor’s Lane) Pathayam offers a wide palette of dishes that does not contain any artificial taste-enhancing additives. Their philosophy is that “Food is medicine”. The bambo-walled interior also gives a pleasant ambience to its customers. The restaurant is open between 12 pm. and 9 pm.

Location: Statute-General Hospital Jn Road (Tutor’s Lane)

4. Dosa Plaza  (Closed down)


Dosa Plaza is a famous retail chain that offers south India Food. Dosa Plaza is the largest runner of South Indian cuisines with 45 outlets across India and 7 international outlets in 3 countries. They have a huge menu that offers delicious and yummy variations of dosas, which cater to the taste buds of the people. Dosa Plaza serves 27 trademarked dosas, which you can’t find anywhere else and also 104 other varieties of dosas. Dosa Plaza is located at Sasthamangalam, near Domino’s Pizza .

Location: Near Domino’s Pizza, Sasthamangalam

5. Anna Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant


Anna Bhavan Restaurant is located at the Hotel White Dammar, Pappanamcode. The best part of this restaurants is that their food is not really expensive like what is served in Star Hotels in Trivandrum.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the choices this restaurant has to offer. This is one place that will have your taste buds yearning for more. You will love the lively ambiance and prompt customer service at this Restaurant.

Location: Pappanamcode

6. Nivedhya Uduppi Cafe  (Closed down)


For the foodies in the city, here is one more family eatery, serving a wide range of vegetarian dishes. Nivedhya Uduppi Cafe located at Palayam, Behind Saphalyam Complex, is a restaurant offering great dining experience to the customers. You get to taste vegetarian cuisines of North and South and if you prefer Chinese Cuisine, Nivedhya will not disappoint you. For the Tandoor fans, Nivedhya offers a mouth watering list of tandoors. So if you are wondering where to take your family for dining out, this is the place to be.

Location: Behind Saphalyam Complex, Palayam

7. Sree Arul Jyothi


Sree Arul Jyothi Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the oldest hotels in Trivandrum. The hotel is located directly opposite to Secretariat. If you are a diehard fan of vegetarian delights Sree Arul Jyothi is the best choice. Sree Arul Jyothi offers Lot of varieties of south Indian food and dishes. The hotel is clean and hygienic.

Location: Opposite Secretariat, Trivandum

8. Vasantha Bhavan


Vasantha Bhavan is another 100% vegetarian hotel in the Trivandrum city. Vasantha Bhavan is located at the hotel The Grand Central in Statue.  Almost all the vegetarian items including both South Indian and North Indian dishes are available at the hotel. The price is reasonable and the ambience is great too.

Location: Opposite Secretariat, Trivandum

9. Hotel Aryaas


Hotel Aryaas is one of the most preferred hotels in Trivandrum. It is a high class vegetarian hotel located near SreeKumarSree Vishak theatre complex at Thampanoor. Hotel Aryaas is an A/C restaurant with separate cabin exclusively for family. The hotel has high reputation in providing tasty vegetarian foods. It has the best dining facilities serving both South Indian and North Indian foods.

Location: Near Sree Kumar-Sree Vishakh Theatres, Thampanoor

10. Hotel Aruna


Located at M.G Road Palayam, Hotel Aruna is a multi-story air conditioned vegetarian restaurant. It is a perfect place to dine with groups or with family. The menu marries traditional and contemporary South Indian cuisine. You can also choose from the list of north Indian vegetable varieties and curries. The food is excellent, servings are generous, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

Location: Opposite Saphalyam Complex, Palayam

There are many outstanding places to eat in Trivandrum to suit all budgets, from fine dining to cheap local eateries. The list isn’t over. There are many other excellent vegetarian restaurants in Trivandrum. Do you think we missed any best hotels? Let us know via comments.

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