Diabetes, rising menace in India

A silent killer in every sense, diabetes can be curbed only by changing our habits.

The habits and attitudes make human healthy, wealthy and wise. Indians are switching from traditional food habits to fast and junk food which plunge them into growing problems such as obesity and diabetes.

If Indians want to ensure good health, they should stop consuming fast food and maintain a healthy diet. It is high time to ban junk food but because of the multi-national company (MNC) lobby it is difficult to do so. The government should take initiative in controlling MNCs who are providing junk foods. The World Health organisation in a report said that use of refined sugar will cause serious health problems and so it is applicable to India as we use high quantity of refined sugar apart from junk food.

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Studies say that an average India consumes 50 kg of sugar a year and are prone to diabetes at the early age of 40. Eating Ice creams leads to obesity as it has more than 2300 calories which cannot be burnt by the body. People should avoid food items like rice, wheat, jowar, skimmed milk, refined oil and large quantities of sugar which will easily cause diabetes. Switching to eggs, green leafy vegetables, fish, coconut oil will enhance the protein content and will digest easily.

The WHO figures out that India tops in the list of top five countries where there are more diabetes sufferers. The Diabetes Day was selected on November 14 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the WHO to mark the birthday of Frederick Banting who, along with Charles Best discovered insulin, a life-saving drug for diabetes patients.

The diabetes can cause fatal effects on the body like gangrene, blindness, heart failure and renal failure. Apart from changing food habits, regular exercise should also come into the daily life style.

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