With the Election season looming, let us take a look at what the voters want for the city while casting their choices

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The residents of Thiruvananthapuram and the experts in city development have collectively zeroed in on what they identify as the main requirements for the city, post the upcoming General Assembly elections.

As we all know, it is time for the Indian Government to change hands once again after five good years at the helm. The 2019 General Assembly Elections will hence take place between 11th April and 19th May 2019, in seven different phases. On 23rd May, the counting of votes will happen and the general public will know who will take charge of the country for the next five years.

Out of the 543 seats in the Indian General Assembly (more popularly known as the Lok Sabha), 20 seats will be utilised for the representation of different parts of Kerala. From the district of Thiruvananthapuram, there will be two seats: Thiruvananthapuram and Attingal.

The elections for Kerala will be held in the third phase, on 23rd April 2019. This means that the voters of the state have less than a month to identify what their respective constituencies need, and thereby figure out which candidate deserves their valuable votes.

With that in mind, let us take a look at a recent report published in the New Indian Express, that gives a basic idea on the core areas in which Thiruvananthapuram deserves improvements post-election.

The report states that city infrastructure will be a key factor for candidates to focus on while working on their agenda for Thiruvananthapuram. Despite being the capital city of the state, a major wave of feeling is that other cities take away a lot of what the city deserves in terms of infrastructure.

Word around the residents of Thiruvananthapuram, is that they want a change in this situation at large, while also laying stress on the need to ensuring better forms of connectivity to the city via roadways and airways, among other things.

Meanwhile, a few members of the Federation of Residents’ Associations Thiruvananthapuram (FRAT) raised concerns on the declining availability of safe drinking water and parking slots within the city. “The dip in the water table is a grave issue. The rampant increase of the high rises and apartments in the city has lead to the drastic depletion of groundwater level. This is a grave issue and unless efforts are taken to raise the ground water level, it will lead to water shortage and its ramifications will be huge. Apart from that, availability of pesticide-free food is the need of the hour,” a patron was quoted as saying.

The issue of reinstatement of a High Court Bench, the complete solving of all conflicts related to the privatisation of the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, and the establishment of bigger projects that will ideally boost the tourism sector in the district, are some of the other major concerns to be addressed, as popularly voiced by both experts and the general public. Candidates who are intending to contest in the upcoming elections, will have to make sure that all these issues are addressed while laying out development plans for the city.

What are your thoughts on the issue at hand? What else do you think are the changes that are necessary in the development of the city? Let us know in the comments below.

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