How China’s BRTS landed up in Modi’s Gujarat?

The post claiming to be the BRTS of Gujarat in fact belonged to China’s Guangzhou's BRTS system.

Social media is a great tool for reaching out to masses all over the world. It can even act as a catalyst for many political movements as we had seen in Libiya and Egypt. Even within our country, we have witnessed such mass uprising, taking up the cause of Lokpal bill and atrocities against women. For the common people Facebook has lent a helping hand in cases like finding missing persons, humane causes like fund raising for the unfortunate, blood donation and so on.

But it seems that, there is a downside to social media also. Recently, a post appeared in Facebook giving hype to Gujarat BRTS(Bus Rapid Transit System), supported by a picture. Thousands shared this picture believing it to be true. Later it turned out that, the post claiming to be the BRTS of Gujarat in fact belonged to China’s Guangzhou’s BRTS system.

China’s Guangzhou’s BRTS system.

Ahmedabad does have a BRTS system; however the picture shown in the Facebook Post is wrong. Called as Janmarg, the Ahmedabad BRTS system started its operation in 2009. Now it spans a total length of 66 Kilometer.

Ahmedabad BRTS system

A video on Ahamedabad BRTS – Janmarg

This should serve as a caution to Facebook users not to believe everything they see. Earlier, there have been instances where even the mainstream media were taken in by such internet hoaxes. The bottom line is that everyone should use their better judgement and try to verify the facts before sharing on their wall. Think twice before you share!

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