How National Games is going to solve Kazhakkoottam’s long-pending issues!

The work of a new flyover being built over the Menamkulam railway level-cross will be completed in a time-bound manner.

With only four months left for the 35th National Games, National Games Organising Committee (NGOC) has come up plan to solve water scarcity, and crawling traffic troubling Kazhakkoottam.

Water Scarcity

National Games Secretariat (NGS) will spend Rs 66 lakh to implement a new water supply scheme for the Games Village located Menamkulam. Initially it was decided to supply 8 lakh litres of water daily to the Games Village in tanker lorries but later it has been decided to implement water supply through public distribution as a permanent solution to water scarcity in the area. This will be huge relief to people residing in and around Menamkulam.

Water to the Games Village will be supplied from the Water Authority reservoir situated at Manvila, near Menamkulam.

Japan aided Drinking Water project which was halted due to traffic issues will be resumed to ensure water supply to the Games Village and surrounding areas.

Traffic Congestion

Two revenue models proposed for NH66 bypass from Kazhakuttam to Karode

In order to ease traffic congestion, Menamkulam – Kadinamkulam – Kazhakkoottam, a road network around Games Village road will be renovated at a cost of Rs 50 crore. The on-going work of the flyover being built over the Menamkulam railway level-cross will be completed in time.

The Public Works Department and Railways have promised to complete the work by December.

Meanwhile, the work of the Games Village will be completed by the end of November. After the National Games are over, prefabricated equipment used in the Games Village will be reused.

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