How to Burn That Extra Calorie?

Exercises to lose weight require high level of effort and patience. Often people get discouraged because of the lack of progress. Always remember you cannot achieve weight loss in a week. You have to give your body enough time to lose weight.

Recent studies reveal that our world is having more and more obese people and their number is fast growing. Our food habits and lifestyle are the main causes leading to obesity. In the fight against the fat, exercises are considered to be useful weapons. People tend to adopt all sorts of exercises to lose weight but not knowing the proper method it can be counter–productive. Losing all that excess weight is challenging and requires a high level of patience.

If you are determined about shedding that extra weight, then this article is worth reading. However, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before trying out weight loss exercises, especially if you have health condition.

There are a few things you need to need do before starting your workout.

  • Measure your weight before beginning the exercise and keep track of your weight every month.
  • Make a fitness time table and decide how much time you will spend on your exercise. This will help you to follow your exercise regularly.
  • Plan a healthy meal one week beforehand as it is important to go along with your workout schedule

Here are some exercises to weight loss.


Running is considered as the best exercise to lose weight, if you do it regularly. All you need is a pair of sports shoes and a good place to run. You can do this in the morning or in the evening. It is better if you could introduce some resistance, for example running uphill. Running burns around 100-250calories per mile. Always remember that it takes some time to build up endurance. For convenient Treadmill can be used.


Considered to be the best exercise for weight loss. Swimming targets all parts of the body. The water offers resistance thereby increasing the number of calories burnt. It is advised to start slow if you are not used to swimming. Gradually increase the intensity of your exercise


Cycling is the best calorie-burning exercise after swimming. It is an aerobic exercise which targets the heart, lungs and blood vessels, lowering the chances of heart disease. Cycling cause the body to increase the metabolism rate, which in turn cause weight loss. It works on the lower half of the body where fat accumulation is maximum. An hour of biking is enough to burn 1,400 calories.

Skipping rope

Skipping rope is fun and can be easily done at your home. It is a great exercise to lose weight as it targets the whole body. Skipping ropes can burn more calories than running a mile.

Bicycle Kicks

Bicycle Kicks is a quick weight loss exercise. It’s very simple and gives promising results. Lie down on your back and lift the hands or you can put your hands behind your head if you are not comfortable. Then kick your legs on by one (pedaling motion).Start with 50 per set. Gradually work your way towards more number of sets.


Push-ups can be done with your knees on the ground or while leaning on a wall with your arms supporting the body weight. Start slow and work your way towards more sets.

Diet to lose weight

Do not push your body

Completely avoiding high calorie food can help lose your body weight but at the same time it will make your body weak. Along with fat, body will start to lose water and muscle. This may lead to conditions like lethargy weakness and fatigue. Best thing to do is consume food that is moderate in high calorie

Balanced diet

Diet to lose weight consists of food that contain high amount of nutrients and have low calorie at the same time. Try to eat high fiber foods with low calorie. Fresh fruits and salads are the ideal choice. It is better to include grain foods, vegetable soups and other food which are high in protein. Avoid food that contains saturated fat like beef, pork and other red meats.

Never skip your meal

Never skip your meal. If you think skipping meal will help you to lose weight, then you are wrong. Skipping meal always do the opposite. Breakfast is the most important meal as it provides energy for the whole day. Our body burns little calories during sleep so its always advised to eat light at dinner.

Negative Calorie Foods

Our Body needs energy to breakdown or digests the food we eat. Negative Calorie Foods are those foods that require more energy to digest, than the energy they deliver to our body. Including such type of food in your diet will help you in your weight loss program.
Lettuce, Onions, Greens, Spinach, Cauliflower, Apple, Grapefruit, Mango, Orange are some of the Negative Calorie Foods

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an exercise strategy that uses alternating short period of high intense activity and low intense activity. For example, Sprint as fast as you can for about 2 minute and then walk for another 2 minute. Repeat that for 15 minutes. These short intense workouts prove to burn fat more.

A Few tips

  • Drink plenty of water daily and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Have small meals at regular interval. Eat slowly, so that our body can tell us that it’s full.
  • Try to avoid food rich in sugar and processed carbohydrates. Use cereals and wheat products instead of white flour and its products.
  • Eat food which contains high fiber content. Fiber helps to smoothen our digestive system.
  • Daily have 8-9 servings of fruits and vegetables which include at least one green leafy vegetable.
  • Always avoid deep fried and oily fried foods. Include proteins in your diet. Pulses, sprouts, milk, eggs fish etc are good source of proteins.

Exercises to lose weight require high level of effort and patience. Often people get discouraged because of the lack of progress. Always remember you cannot achieve weight loss in a week. You have to give your body enough time to lose weight.

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