Jayasurya – Anoop Menon duo again in ’97 Batch Maharajas’

'97 Batch Maharajas' is directed by Basheer Mohammed and is written by Anoop Menon.

After the success of the film ‘Cocktail’ Jayasurya , Anoop Menon and Milan Jaleel team up again for the film “97 Batch Maharajas“. The movie tells the story of a reunion of seven friends who studied together in Maharajas College in 1997.

The film is directed by Basheer Mohammed and is written by Anoop Menon. Other leading actors in the film include Saiju Kurup, Siddharth Bharathan, Tinitom, Arun, Nandu, Ramesh Pisharadi and Mamukkoya. The movie is shot in five countries.

Anoop and Jayasurya have acted together in many films like Cocktail, Beautiful and Trivandrum Lodge. Currently both of them are working together for the film David and Goliath which is directed by Rajeev Nath.

It seems that without Jayasurya, Anoop going solo is not a successful proposition. The same goes for Jayasurya too, so his strategy is to team up with other young actors. Apparently this has paid off as he has tasted success in such films.

After the success of ‘Classmates’, there have been many films set in campus. But unfortunately, most of them failed to create a ripple. Let’s hope that Anoop Menon comes up with a winner with this campus movie.

Jayasurya – Anoop Menon Starrer David and Goliath’s Teaser 01.

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