LovePalz – Gadget to simulate Sex!

LovePalz is a brand new concept of motion sensing technology that aims to create physical feelings as real as possible in virtual sex experience. It can simulate your actions and cause physical contact over internet in real time.

Ever heard of the saying “Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder”? For those who are in Long distance relationship knows this very well. Endless non-Satisfying video chats and occasional meeting on weekends: one can say long distance relationship is definitely a hard commitment for sure. Well not anymore, the latest gadget called the ‘LovePalz‘ is designed for couples doing long distance.

LovePalz is basically an internet connected 2-way pleasure machine which allows the couples to simulate sex. Yes you heard it right.

Intriguing right?

Couples with Wi-Fi connection located very far away from each other can have simulated sex with the help of LovePalz. Each partner has one device-“Hera” for the ladies, a “Zeus” for the men and all they have to do is to place the devices over his/her erogenous zones and connect the two devices using the “LovePalz iPhone App“. Surprisingly the LovePalz App has a social network aspect too. It allows the user to add multiple users and users can choose which one they want to connect with. However the App is not yet submitted to or approved by Apple.

Okay so how LovePalz work?

Once connected, the device will then mimic the same hip movements made by the partner in real-time. When one partner makes a movement with his/her hips, that movement is received and recreated on other partner’s device. The device can well adjust with the thrusting speed made by the couples. This is done with the help of an automated piston on female’s device and for the male’s device there is an air pump motor. The device comes with rechargeable batteries and is totally waterproof, which means you can take it anywhere you want.

You can pre-order LovePalz at 94.95$(Approx 5200 Rupees) and the device is expected to hit the market in November. The interesting part is that, each device comes with a name engraving of the owner and unique serial number. LovePalz is a unique and new concept which helps the couples that are in long distance relationship to enjoy virtual sex experience. It brings you and your lover together even though you are miles apart. It’s up to you to decide whether this technology is innovative or creepy!

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