The million dollar mini match.

The India-NZ T20I which transpired on the 7th of November filled the KCA’s treasury. The game was played for 16 overs (96 balls) and it earned a revenue of Rs.6.88 crores.

This match has set a new record for ticket sales and total revenue out of all the other international matches that have been hosted in Kerala, says Jayesh George, KCA secretary.

Breaking down the 6.88 crores, the ticket sales raised Rs.2.91 crores, advertisements inside the stadium bagged Rs.1.90 crores and the ones displayed outside the stadium earned Rs.30 lakhs.  The rest of the revenue were from banking partnership, medical partnership and share from BCCI.

The targeted revenue from tickets were estimated at Rs.2.36 crores but as the excitement and zest kicked in, it rose to Rs.2.91 crores. Despite having the gallery filled to the brim, it is surprising to know the international matches hosted by Kochi made less than 2 crores. A total of 32000 tickets were sold for this current match and more than half of these were sold online.

This million dollar mini match has been taking rounds in the media!

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