Ice Cream To The Rescue: This Ice Cream Parlour at Kowdiar Is Sure To Lift Your Mood

Paul’s Creamery is a classy yet casual place on the Kowdiar-Devasom Board road. Be sure to check them out.

Did you know that the ice cream you buy from your average shop is not ice cream but actually a frozen dessert? That’s right. Many shops sell frozen dessert as ice creams. However, there is one ice cream shop in Trivandrum that sells 100% real ice cream, that too made right in front of you.

Welcome to Paul’s Creamery where all your ice-cream dreams are fulfilled. They call themselves the “Live Ice Cream Factory” because whatever ice cream you choose from their menu is made live right in front of you which is something you don’t see at a regular ice cream shop. So that is the level of quality and purity which Paul’s Creamery maintain. In fact, this might be the only shop in Kerala where an ice cream is made in-house and not in some factory.

Paul’s creamery is the brainchild of John Mathai Paul a young entrepreneur who has a passion for ice cream making. Paul was working in an MNC in Bangalore when he had this dream of opening an ice cream shop. He quit his job and decided to learn the craft of ice-cream making. For the next two years, he travelled around Italy, Belgium and London discovering trade secrets that make the ice-creams, gelatos and chocolates of Europe famous. Thanks to his hard work you get to enjoy some of the world’s finest ice creams at his shop.

Paul’s creamery believes that the best ice-creams are always made with pure milk, good cream and the freshest of ingredients and that’s exactly what they are delivering. Paul says it’s the flavour of the main ingredients that should come out and not the taste of sugar or milk.

Paul’s creamery uses natural ingredients for making ice creams. They don’t use preservatives or any sort of artificial colouring. And the result is strawberry ice-cream tastes like biting into a fresh strawberry and a cheesecake which has the real sourness of cheese and so on. One can easily differentiate the ice cream at Paul’s as their ice creams are always creamy, light and smooth and will float in your mouth.

Every new ice cream they launch is the result of extensive research and testing. There are so many different flavours of Ice cream to choose from. Some of them are blueberry cheesecake, Ferrero Roche, extra dark chocolate, mint choco chip, biscotti, caramel, coffee, coconut, yoghurt, pista, strawberry, wild berries and rambutan flavours. The flavours will keep rotating.

In addition to freshly-made ice-creams, waffles, brownies, a selection of cakes and pastries, and coffee are also available at Paul’s Creamery. A few sought-after items at Paul’s Creamery are their waffles, drizzled with sinfully rich sea salt caramel sauce and chocolate nirvana sundae, with sponge cake, several scoops of ice-cream  

Paul’s Creamery is a classy yet casual place on the Kowdiar-Devasom Board road. Be sure to check them out.

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