How to make your car unique? These guys from Trivandrum shows how!

Every customized car that rolls out from the garages of Revline Autotech is a piece of art.

For some people a car is not just a vehicle to get you around but it’s a much loved part of their lives. They will do anything to make their car stand out in the crowd and make heads turn when they zip through the city roads.

A lot of creativity and dedication goes into customizing a car, rather like creating a fine work of art. There always were people who were into adding style to their cars and creative minds who cater to their needs. One such group which is making waves in this field is Revline Autotech.

Revline Autotech are the new kids on the block with old school attitudes. Mentored by Rakesh J Unnithan designer and one among the founders of GRz Customs.Inc, the foremost motorcycle customising garages in India.

Rakesh J Unnithan

Rakesh J Unnithan

“Two wheeler customising, there always will be a trend for it, because still more than 70% of the population don’t have a car. But the rising international trends for some years have influenced lot of youth to jump into cars. And there are many established names in modification industry. We come in where the old school car building and restorations has somewhat faded. Of course, the essential s like wheels and accessories are also included.” Rakesh J Unnithan.

Trivandrum is known for its heritage and conservative lifestyle. Same translates into automobile trends, enthusiasts either modify it from Cochin or Bangalore or they don’t. We intend to establish a market in Trivandrum, where every type of aesthetic and performance modifications is available. The current youth are willing to go for it but the travel and logistics nightmare let the thrill down.

Full Body Matte finish on a Hyundai i20!

Full Body Matte finish on a Hyundai i20!

The shop has exclusive tie ups with aftermarket leaders in International market. Names like Vogtland, Work wheels, ROTA Wheels, Tein, JDM Factory are a few. Workshop facilities as of now are divided into two wings.

revline works

A mechanical shop which has experienced technicians of more than 10 years and a body and paint shop where all the magic with colour happens. “A perfect garage has all the facilities under one roof then only we can cater to every need of the customer, as of now we are divided into two sections in two areas. We will get there eventually. Our body and paint shop houses experienced painters and denters, and a car waxing centre too. We designed a system in such a way we cater to all the customers, be it full body paint with Du Pont or smaller work. Happiness is achieved by fitting it into the customer budget.” Vishnu Prasad- (Body and paint head).

Transforming a customer’s imagination into a reality is what makes Revline Autotech a unique master of the trade. If you want to do a makeover to your car, just drop by Revline Autotech and tell them your vision.

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