Vilappilsala: Relay fast from today

Trivandrum vilappilsala issue

Vilappil panchayat natives alleged they were crucified for the better life of the Trivandrum Corporation. It was before 12 years that the Trivandrum Corporation cohesively decided to dump waste at the Vilappil panchayat

The people of Vilappilsala have decided to start a relay Satyagraha from Monday demanding the release of S Burhan and six others who were arrested in connection with the protest. The Satyagraha will be inaugurated by Sreedharan Nair, who had first raised concerns over the health hazards caused by the garbage factory. Meanwhile the members of Janakiya Samaara Samithi have decided to stage a dharna in front of secretariat seeking Burhan’s release. The police authorities said Burhan and 6 others were arrested under Juvenile Justice Act and Prevention of Damage to Public Properties Act. From Monday onwards, each villager from Villappilsala including the panchayat members, residents associations, merchants and even religious and political representative will join the fast at the new marquee erected close to the garbage factory till the arrested villagers are released.

“We will soon get the arrested youths released. The ward-level committees that have been formed in 20 wards have become fully functional and they will be ready to organize themselves in case of an emergency,” said Sobhana Kumari-Vilappilsala Panchayat president. The Panchayat will continue to support the villagers in the war against garbage factory- she added. Burhan and 6 others were arrested on the grounds of violating Section 144-for organizing blockades to prevent the implementation of High Court order, assaulting police officers and the destruction of public properties including cop vehicles.

Vilappil Panchayat natives alleged they were crucified for the better life of the Trivandrum Corporation. It was before 12 years that the Trivandrum Corporation cohesively decided to dump waste at the Vilappilpanchayat where they have no power without consulting its president or other concerned authorities.

They alleged that their close relatives and others are admitted to the hospital due to the waste dumping. They informed even though even a single kilogram of their household waste is not reaching the dump yard. They added if the Corporation failed to manage waste of the corporation region then it is not the fate of Vilappil people to bear. As they informed the corporation’s concerned authorities should find way to manage these wastes.

The all-party conference that was summoned to discuss the issue, chaired by the Chief Minister Oommen Chandy decided to dump no more waste at the region ‘after three months’ and should lead other development activities. They also requested more time from the people of Vilappilpanchayath for the works. But the Samyuktha Samarasamithy alleged the present promise of the state government is only a political game and need a sudden stop in the garbage dumping. Even though the corporation won a favorable verdict from the High Court to work a leachate treatment plant at Vilappilsala Panchayat they had to abandon the effort due to the stiff resistance of the people

At the same time the question is prevailing that what will do the existing waste in the Trivandrum city. All the fingers are pointing to the corporation and the state government who did not pay attention to the call of Vilappilpanchayat people when they began to raise their voice against dumping.

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