VSSC Trivandrum Makes World’s Lightest Material That Will Keep Our Soldiers Warm In Siachen Snow!

Called as Silica aerogel or 'Blue Air', it can be used as an insulating material to withstand extreme cold.

The scientists at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Trivandrum has come up with a revolutionary material that provides outstanding thermal resistance.

Called as Silica aerogel or ‘Blue Air‘, it can be used as an insulating material to withstand extreme cold. The material has uses both in space and on Earth.

It is also the world’s lightest material known to man. Blue Air is so light that it can be placed on a flower head.

Blue Air

It is the world’s lightest synthetic material made by man. It is a highly guarded technology. We have indigenously made it in India. It is used for insulating the rocket’s surface.” said Dr K Sivan, Director, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre told NDTV

Blue Air

But, the uses extended beyond rocket insulations. It has application for thermal jackets and is extremely useful for people working in very cold environments.  According to scientists silica aerogel if used as a filler in soldiers’ uniforms it can possibly help save many lives at the Siachen glacier. If painted on windows it can keep buildings cool or warm.

However, the material is still very fragile and brittle and scientists at the space centre are still finding ways to make it tough and resilient. Let’s hope that, scientists will find a way to use blue air for practical applications.

Silica aerogel is definitely a revolutionary material and kudos to all the scientists of ISRO who made this product.

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