‘Weavers Village’: Preserving and delivering the Pride and Heritage of Kerala

Weavers Village was started in order to bring more youngsters into the field of handloom and is designed for the Triple Bottom Line; “People, Planet & Profits.

Karalkada’ has been defining the traditional style of Kerala for around 200 years. It won’t be on overrated statement if we say that C.P Rajendran & Sons Karalkada has always been a part of Kerala heritage. To add to its legacy, ‘Weavers Village’ was started as a part of it one and a half years back. Weavers Village was started with the aim of promoting the weavers of local community and preserving our handloom tradition. The project got its kick when two energetic ladies, Sobha Ashwin and Sreeremya Sambath decided to join hands for this great initiative. Sobha is a Dual MBA graduate in Marketing & HR and Remya is a Fashion Designer from NID.


Weavers Village was started in order to bring more youngsters into the field of handloom and is designed for the Triple Bottom Line; “People, Planet & Profits”. We try to promote eco-friendly brands through our venture and one share of the profit we get goes to the weaving community. Our aim is to revive the importance of handloom in our state”, adds Sobha Ashwin. WeaversVillage focuses mainly on Designer Wear, Lifestyle, Jewelleries and handmade stuffs. You will be taken to an exquisite world of terracotta jewellery, paper jewellery, handicrafts, cotton cloth bags etc. Every product you get there is purely handmade and eco-friendly.


Sobha and Remya were destined to meet. Both shared common interests and always wanted to do something good for the society. And it’s through Weavers Village they are taking their dream forward. “Weavers Village is a platform for young designers. Anybody with creativity can join our team”, adds Remya. Weavers Village mainly focuses on designing customized costumes for weddings. You want unique attire for a function? Just walk into Weavers Village Design Studio and discuss your ideas, you will definitely walk out 100% satisfied! They also do uniforms and complimentary products for International hotels and Multi National Companies.


Even though Weavers Village was started just one and a half years back, their works and exhibitions have gained a lot of attention and fame. Through all their works, they try to promote the Kerala handloom all over India. ‘Navaratna’ fest conducted at Trivandrum during last Onam was definitely a milestone for them. The response they got was simply outstanding! Their Autumn-Winter collection was featured in ‘Pride of Travancore’ at Cochin which showcased the royal culture of Trivandrum. The most prideful factor is that the ‘Top 16’ of Miss South India featured Weavers Village’s costumes! Mementos for She-Taxis showcased another dimension of their creativity.


Another speciality of Weavers Village  is the ‘Bodha’ brand. This brand comes with handloom dyed in medicinal ayurvedic herbs that keeps you fresh and healthy. So, in a way they are also promoting wellness clothing. They also feature lifestyle products like bedspreads, headrests, yoga mats etc. Whether it is the Kurthis or the Dhavanis for the teenagers, or even cloths for the new born, everyone gets 100% happy. They aim at delivering you high quality stuffs which provide you with ample style and comfort. “Our products are genuine and affordable to all age groups. Whoever approaches us leaves with happiness and satisfaction. Their publicity is our strength. No promotion or marketing is needed when we have confidence in our products”, adds Sobha Ashwin.


They affirm that exhibitions can be expected during all seasons. “Do expect innovative stuffs”, that’s what they like to say about the upcoming ones. Getting into retail is in their list of immediate plans. In the long run, they dream of promoting Kerala Handloom in the global level. They own a Facebook page and even conduct sales through it. Just discuss about your requirements with them and they deliver the best to you! Weavers Village is not just about dress; walk in to find a range of  handcrafted products like paper pens, jute bags, cotton bags banana fibre bags etc . Weavers Village provides a source of income for the women who are working from homes. Empowering women from different villages all around Kerala is their aim. This is what makes them so unique and different from any other labels.


Pearle Manney is their brand ambassador. “Bold and Beautiful’ is the concept they follow. “Our success is attributed to family, friends and this lovely city! Trivandrum is our basic strength and support. We love to update people here with the changing fashion trends”, they add about our city. They love to continue being unique and trendy.


Just walk into the homely feel of C.P Rajendran & Sons Karalkada, and you will walk out with a heavenly feeling! “If Karalkada is for a traditional look, Weavers Village gives you a stylish novel posture”, says Remya with a smile.

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