Worms in chocolate, child serious

Filthy food saga continues, two-year-old admitted to hospital after consuming chocolates with worms.

A two-year-old kid was admitted to a hospital in Kasaragod in serious condition when she vomited after she consuming chocolate. Finding worms in the child’s mouth all packets were opened and found worms in it. The family members informed the food inspector after seeing this.

Mohammed bought ten chocolates from a bakery in Meleparambu on Tuesday morning for his son Fazal Rahman’s kids. The two-year-old Faisa Mariya ate one and Faijad Mohammed, 5 ate two.

After a while, Faijad Mohammed showed discomfort and Faisa started vomiting and became weak soon after that. The kids father said that when he examined Faisa’s mouth, there were worms. After seeing this, he opened all the seven packets and found worms inside.

Fazal Rahman when complained to the bakery which supplied the chocolates, they took it lightly. The District Food Inspector Anoop Kumar said that he got the complaint and will take action after examining the chocolates.

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