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October 31 2013 | by EnteCity

Arrambam Tamil Movie Review by Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

Ajith Kumar flourishes as a style icon yet again carrying a sublime screen presence throughout the movie.

After shattering every boxoffice records through Billa, Ajith Kumar and Vishnuvardhan teams up after 6 years with an ensembled star cast for Aarambham. Aarambham has arrived two days prior to Diwali after generating transcendent hype and is all set for a superlative opening in every releasing centres. It is touted as a multi star movie which also features Arya in an equally important role. Has the makers able to deliver Aarambham much to the expectations of audience.? The movie narrowly betters Billa but cannot repeat the Mankatha magic even after continuing the trend setter salt and pepper style.


The movie revolves arround a bomb squad specialist in ATS portrayed by Ajith Kumar who has a dark past and is now on a mission to seek vengeance. Arya plays a computer hacker who is threatened by Ajith to execute his plans. The movie commences through a series of blasts in Mumbai city which happens to be triggered by Ajith. The film progress through a series of incidents where Ajith happens to wreck every activities of a politician played by Mahesh Manjerekar. What is the motive behind Ajith to target a politician.? How do blasts and terrorism link with Ajith.? The movie seems to have an indirect connection with the recent Mumbai blasts and unfolds a climax delivering a message.


Ajith Kumar flourishes as a style icon yet again carrying a sublime screen presence throughout the movie. His oneliners are intense and beguils the audience with his good looks. But he is hardly used as a performer just like in Billa which affects the interest in the movie. Arya is used as a humor element for most part of the movie which he does well. His screen presence with Ajith is more than satisfactory. Nayanthara and Tapsee does their part well. Rana Daggubatti appears as a cameo while Kishore, Mahesh Manjerekar and Atul Kulkarni perform are competent in their respective roles.

Technical Departments

Director Vishnuvardhan struggles to define a new dimension through this movie as he has set with Billa. His style of using an actor’s comfort zones is a major setback. But he could make a passable screenplay regardless of an accustomed and ordinary story. The mood of the film survives through its cinematography. The action sequences are top notch may it be the escape scene of Ajith or the climax part or the rescue operations by ATS team. Yuvan’s musical is novel and enchanting. The VFX effects are mediocre. The bomb explosion scenes are horribly edited.


The hype surrounding the movie can go unfavourable but a befitting storytelling and Ajith Kumar’s star power saves the movie. The movie is expected to please the family audience due to its humor elements. It is a visual treat for Ajith Fans due to his high voltage action sequences and grandeur style. The movie can emerge as a winner for this Diwali. A rating of 3.25/5 would make it a one time watchable one.

Verdict: Above Average
Rating: 7 / 10


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