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December 24 2013 | by Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

Dhoom 3 Review by Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

Dhoom 3 despite being lengthy survives to please the fans through the visual magic created on screen and Aamir Khan.

After 7 years, the third installment of the successful Dhoom franchise starring Ace Khan Aamir hits the theatres with sky high expectations. Dhoom series has been popular in the name of antagonists and Aamir joins the list of John and Hrithik. While the prequels’ story revolved in and around India, Dhoom 3 has its story to tell in Chicago. While Abhishekh and Uday Chopra are retained, a different story is told in Dhoom 3 with new actors. Here this time a circus artist but a menacing thief who targets a leading Chicago bank is on the hunt. What forces a circus artist to become a bank robber?


Iqbal played by Jackie Shroff is a stage artist in Chicago, who is debited to a Chicago bank and is trying for a revival after showing them his latest performance Great Indian Circus. But the bank manager is unwilling and hence broken Iqbal commits suicide right in front of his son Sahir played by Aamir Khan. In the present world, Sahir runs a successful Great Indian Circus but is a thief who frequently robs the Chicago bank which was responsible for the death of his father. Abhi and Uday is assigned the case to capture the thief from where the Dhoom starts. A 3 hour long chase begins from there. Will Sahir be successful with his robbery?

Cast and Performance

Aamir plays the lead protagonist as Sahir who delivers a seamless performance. As a menacing thief, a talented artist, a freak biker and an innocent human being, Aamir is flamboyant. Aamir gets abundant screen presence and has done with utmost perfection. A tiring period of 3 hours is compensated throught the performance of Aamir. The second half gives him more scope of performance for the star which is a suspense part in the story. Abhishekh as Jai Dixit has played his supporting part well except for some action sequences. His character is overshadowed by a big star like Aamir in this franchise. Uday Chopra and Katrina has nothing much to do. Katrina’s acrobatic skills needs immense appreciation. Jacky Shroff makes a brief cameo to portray during the flashbacks.

Technical Department

Director Vijay Acharya has managed to hold the attention of audience for 3 hours. The director has focussed on the life of antagonist to give a convincing story behind the heist. The story is molded for typical Dhoom style but the script is lackluster at parts. Coming to the action sequences, the film provides enough space for thrills but a bit too lengthy. The visual effects is an important factor to make those action scenes believable except for the introduction part of Abhishekh and Uday. Almost every dialogues of Aamir strike the right chord with the audience. The cinematography is excellent considering the Chicago city being neatly captured. Malang Malang song gives a new visual experience to the audience. All the songs are well choreographed but the BGMs are average.


Dhoom 3 despite being lengthy survives to please the fans through the visual magic created on screen and Aamir Khan. The film loses its flow in the middle when the film relies too much on the emotional and romantic track. There are some turnover in the events which are predictable but satisfy the audience. Dhoom 3 has not exploited the much lacking style in Indian films of how a bank robbery is made but gives more focus on the chase sequences. While its prequels never had a promising story-line on the antagonist, this movie does. Dhoom 3 has not bettered its prequels by miles even after visually capturing action sequences and cinematography. But certainly the movie promises some thrilling moments hindered in between through some extended scenes. All in all, the movie is an outright watch for the Dhoom fans and an average outing for the general audience.

Verdict: Good
Rating: 7.5 / 10


Written by: Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

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