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November 29 2013 | by EnteCity

Escape From Uganda Movie Review By Ashok

The first half feels slow and dragging due to the artificial dialogues and melodramas

Rima Kallingal’s action thriller ‘Escape from Uganda‘ has hit the theaters today. Directed by Rajesh Nair, Escape from Uganda evokes mixed reaction from the public. The film has given credits for inspiration to French film ‘Pour Elle’ (Anything for Her) released in 2008, at the beginning. Escape from Uganda is definitely a brave and a new attempt, which has not been done before in Malayalam film.

Escape from Uganda (EFU) tells the story of a Malayali Family – Shika (Rima Kallingal), Jaya Krishnan (Vijay Babu) and their daughter peacefully settled in Uganda. Their peaceful life turns into a nightmare, when Shika gets thrown into a maximum security prison, for a murder that she didn’t commit. Jaya Krishnan decides to break her out the prison with the help of a local thug Anthony played by Parthipan. How the family escape from the country, forms the rest of the story.

The first half feels slow and dragging due to the artificial dialogues and melodramas. The later half deals with the prison break, which has been nicely executed with good pace. Apart from a few illogical scenes, second half is decent to watch.

Rajesh Nair has done a brilliant job to make people keenly interested with the gripping pace and story. The director manages to pull-off thrilling action scenes with a limited crew. The cinematography is also brilliant. Cameraman Vishnu Sarma has managed to capture the true beauty and essence of Africa. Performance wise Rima and Parthipan has done a wonderful job. The actor who played Chief Investigating officer deserves a special mention. Coming to the negatives, below average dialogues, illogical scenes and background scores are the downside of the movie.

Verdict: Good Entertainer
Rating: 7 / 10


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