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November 14 2013 | by Rahul

Geethanjali Movie Review by Shyam

Geethanjali is just like any other sequels in Malayalam which failed to live up to expectations.

Geethanjali is one of the most awaited Malayalam films of this year. The film gained media attention even before its production because, for one reason, it’s a spin-off of 1993 super hit Manichitrathazhu. For another, it’s from the Malayalam’s super hit combo Mohanlal and Priyadarshan.

Geethanjali tells the story of two sisters -Geetha and Anjali. The death of one of the sister, Geetha and her revenge forms the main crux of the movie.

Movie starts of in Mumbai where the young lovers, Anoop (Nishan) and Anjali (Keerthi) live. They come to Kerala for their marriage and decided to stay at Anjali’s ancestral home Arakkal Tharavadu which is haunted by Geetha’s spirit. During her stay in that house she encounters Geetha’s ghost which connects to the murder mystery. Dr Sunny’s entry comes after the first thirty minutes. How Dr. Sunny tries to solve the mystery behind all these paranormal activities forms the rest of the movie.

The first half was brilliant with nicely conceived horror scenes and the film swiftly moved with a few intriguing sequences. It also has some nicely done comedy scenes. Thanks to Innocent. His scenes and combination scenes with Mohan Lal saved the 1st half. In the second half, Dr. Sunny is more of a murder investigator rather than a psychiatrist. The climax was a huge let down.

Performance wise Mohanlal and Innocent saved the movie. Keerthi also did a decent job, not bad for a newcomer. Direction Priyadarshan has done good job. He succeeded in creating convincing horror scenes. On the plus side, Camera works, Background Music were good. Coming to the downside, weak script, poor climax and average songs were negatives of the movie.

Summary: Geethanjali is just like any other sequels in Malayalam which failed to live up to expectations.

Verdict: Average, but watchable
Rating: 5 / 10


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