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May 3 2013 | by Jayaram Gopalakrishnan
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Iron Man 3 Movie Review by Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

Technically the film is made on a high note with incredible action sequences. Director executes as a dejavu kind of experience to the audience through every scenes.

After the last year blockbuster Avengers, Marvel pictures confidently bring the 3rd instalment of Ironman in 2D and 3D starring the ever charming Robert Downey Jr in the lead. Ironman 3, made on a whooping budget of 200 million dollars gets released worldwide on record number of screens and has garnered thumbs up verdict from the critics. Has the hype created during the promotion of the film lived upto the expectations of the audience? Yes, it is the best part of the ironman series and more assuringly is one of the best superhero movies in Hollywood history. After riding high on last 2 series and Avengers, RDJ has snatched yet another victory, this time bringing an even more star power to his career. John Favreau who has been the director of the last 2 instalments has been scrapped but continues to be the chief bodyguard of Tony Stark as Happy Hogan. Shane black of Lethal weapon fame is all set to make a mark in the industry as a director with the newly released Ironman 3 and he succeeds overwhelmingly.

Coming to the story, the movie starts with a voice over from RDJ dating back to 1999 Christmas Eve. The arrogant playboy, scientist, a multi- millionaire Tony Stark is celebrating the Christmas and New year party with Dr Maya played by Rebecca Hall who is working on a serum called Extremis which is an ultimate cure to physical disabilities. They get encountered by a nerd scientist played by Guy Pearce who is embarrassed by Stark who thinks is ruining his Christmas Eve. Later the story shifts to the present, where Stark is busy working on new armour suits. He develops a new suite compatible to gravity motion. But his new inventions make him grow distant from Pepper Potts played by Gwyneth Paltrow. At the same time a new evil whose name is revealed to be The Mandarin played by Ben Kingsley pops up who creates anarchy all over the world. He is a nemesis like Osama and like him hates America to the core. Guy Pearce is shown as the other demon supporting the Mandarin. When John Favreau is injured in one of the bombings deployed by The Mandarin, Tony seeks out on a mission to finish him for once and for all. But to his surprise, a very early attack on him almost kills Stark, Pepper and Dr. Maya who has come to warn him of a serious trouble. His whole armour and house become debris and Stark is missing. Does Stark survives the attack? Who is Mandarin and what are his intentions? Does Extremis poise any threat to humanity? All these questions are answered by the end of the film.

RDJ reprises the role of Tony Stark and Ironman better than before. He is too funny and continues quick comic timings and cracking witty dialogues. He is carrying some post traumatic stress related cynical thoughts due to the events happened in the Avengers. He has more on screen presence without armours and suits. Tony tries to explore the world on his own to overcome his stress related problems while battling with foes. He earns more respect from his close ones at the end of this movie. He dons a character which is like a resurrected hero and hence gets 10 times more scope to perform than the previous outings. He is a genuine inventor in this movie with caring attitude and at the same time a hilarious superhero. Gwyneth Paltrow does a decent performance with lot more action this time. Ben Kingsley gives a cracker of a performance which is definitely going to surprise the audiences. Guy Pearce is a powerful villain in this story who keeps audience bewildered. He is a geek millionaire with disabilities in the beginning and then suddenly shows himself as a charming handsome young scientist. John Cheadle as Tony’s military friend comes up late in this film but performs deadly actions supporting Tony till the end.

Technically the film is made on a high note with incredible action sequences. Director executes as a dejavu kind of experience to the audience through every scenes. The kick ass and death driven stunts are a treat to watch. Especially the scene when Ironman plunges into the air saving some civilians who were thrown out of a plane leaves the audience experience a sky gliding without wings. Well the top quality execution at climax shot on an oil tanker set deserves special applause. More importantly the director should be given special accolades who have given everything to make audience glue to the seats. The director seems to have no intentions to conclude the Ironman series however he has turned Stark to a new man far from Ironman. Well the film ends with the following dialogue: “You can take away my house, my armours but one thing you can never take away from me. I’m Ironman.”

I will go with a rating of 4/5 and strongly recommended to watch in theatres.

Written by: Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

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