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January 10 2014 | by EnteCity

Jilla Tamil Movie Review by Ashokan

In short, Jilla is a complete masala entertainer. You can watch it for Mohanlal and Vijay!

Jilla, the mass entertainer flick starring two of South’s biggest stars- Mohanlal and Vijay has released on over 1,000 screens worldwide. Jilla is a complete commercial entertainer and is a treat to both Mohanlal and Vijay fans. With equal screen space for both Mohanlal and Vijay, Jilla doesn’t disappoint the fans of both stars.

Jilla tells the story of Shiva and Shakthi- the father son duo who owns Madurai city. The movie starts with the introduction of Mohanlal and continues with a flashback and then comes Vijay! Jilla continues with the problems that come between Shiva and Shakthi.

The first half is entertaining with good action scenes, punch dialogues and nice humour. The later half maintains suspense throughout and leads to a satisfying climax. Mohanlal’s acting was splendid, especially his facial expressions and body language. He portrayed the role of Shiva- the Madurai rowdy with ease. On the other hand, Vijay as usual mesmerised his fans with his action and comedy scenes.

Story wise, Jilla has nothing new to offer and the script is weak.  As the film is intended to be “Masala Entertainer”, one should not expect much. The direction by R.T.Neason was also not up to the mark. Kajal Agarwal doesn’t have much to do in the film.

Positives: Mohanlal and Vijay’s combination scenes, witty one liners, background music and songs.

Negatives: Weak script, poor direction, climax was predictable and too many unwanted scenes.

In short, Jilla is a complete masala entertainer. You can watch it for Mohanlal and Vijay!

Verdict: Above Average
Rating: 7 / 10


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