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February 7 2014 | by EnteCity

Om Shanthi Oshaana Movie Review By Ashok

Om Shanti Oshana, is more of a heroine centric film where the focus is more on heroine.

Debutant director Jude Anthony Joseph’s Om Shanthi Oshaana which plays Nivin Pauly and Nazriya Nazim in the lead roles is a romantic comedy flick good for a time pass. Once again Nivin Pauly and Nazriya Nazim are sharing the screen after the success of their last film Neram.

Om Shanti Oshana is all about a girl who tries to win a boy’s heart. Different from other love stories, Om Shanti Oshana is told from the perspective of the girl.  On knowing the good side of love marriage, Pooja Mathew (played by Nazriya Nazim) decides to find a guy to ‘fall in love’ with. Later, she meets Giri (Nivin Pauly), a graduate doing social activities in her village. Pooja falls for Giri and tries to win his heart. Will she win Giri’s heart? The rest of the movie gives the answer.

The first half focuses on the love story of Pooja from her school days and how she falls for Giri. It’s enjoyable and could have been more entertaining. The latter half is having a serious tone but at the same time, it follows a light hearted and simple approach. However, the film drags at some points.

Om Shanti Oshana, is more of a heroine centric film where the focus is more on the character of Pooja than Giri. Nazriya has given out a decent performance as Pooja Mathew. Nivin Pauly has also done a good performance but didn’t have much to do. Director Jude Anthany has done his job to make the film a watchable flick. Jude Anthany and his co-writer, Midhun Manuel Thomas has chosen a very simple way of narrating the story.

On the negative side, Om Shanthi Oshaana has lots of cliché stuffs. There aren’t any surprise elements and the story goes in a linear way. The story is easily predictable, especially at the climax. The film lags during the second half and there are many unnecessary scenes which could have been avoided.

Overall, Om Shanti Ohshana is not disappointing and is one-time watchable. Go with without any high expectations and you may enjoy the film.

Verdict: Hit
Rating: 7 / 10


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