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August 29 2014 | by Rahul

Peruchazhi Movie Review by Praveen

Peruchazhi is a definitive good entertainer with an interesting setting and the film will most appeal to Mohanlal fans.

Mohanlal’s much anticipated movie of the year “Peruchazhi” has hit the screens today. Directed by Arun Vaidyanathan Peruchazhi is a political satire-comedy movie set in the backdrop of USA. The movie also brings back the hit combo of Mohanlal-Mukesh back to silver screen after a few years.

Peruchazhi is a mindless comedy entertainer. Even the film tells you to switch off your mobile phone and ‘logic’ at the start. Hence it is irrational to think about Peruchazhi’s illogical scenes.


Jagannathan aka Peruchazhi (Mohanlal) and Chief Minister Francis Kunjappan (Mukesh) were once friends but now turned enemies due to some political disagreement. Jagannathan has two trusted sidekicks Pottakkuzhy Jabbar (Baburaj) and Vayalar Varkey (Aju Varghese).  Jagannathan and his team are sent to US to help John Kory (who is conducting for Governor), with his election campaign. John has little chance to win the election. How will Jagannathan and his team make John Kory win? Will they succeed? This makes the rest of the movie.

About the Movie

First half was good with good comedies and one-liners. But it is all slapstick and buffoonery still makes you laugh most of the times. However there are some unwanted scenes that can be avoided. Overall it’s a good entertaining first half which ends with a small suspense. Second half was very poor. It starts with the operation to save the candidate. The fight lacks impact and the scenes where actors came in Superman-Avatar costumes were mediocre. There is also a love track in parallel. But climax somehow was ok.


As always Mohanlal continues to excel in the mass role. He has done the role of Jagannathan very brilliantly. His mannerism as Peruchazhi is pretty interesting. Dialogues and songs from his old films are plenty. Performance by Mukesh was also brilliant. Baburaj and Aju Varghese did a good job. All other characters also did a perfect job.

Technical Side

Arun Vaidyanathan has shown that he is a good director. He has indeed prepared a hilarious feast for Mohanlal fans this Onam. Production quality is good and so is the pacing of the movie. However, script is a huge let down. Even though the film makers accept that the film is illogical, some scenes look downright silly though. Camera works were remarkable. Cinematographer Arvind Krishna was able to capture America’s scenic beauty into the frame, giving the right visuals with perfect lighting. Songs could have been better. BGM is awesome.

Peruchazhi is a definitive good entertainer with an interesting setting. The film will appeal to Mohanlal fans and for others, it’s a one-time watch worthy movie. You won’t be bored.

Verdict: Average
Rating: 6 / 10


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