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November 14 2013 | by Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

Philips and the Monkey Pen Review by Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

This is not a fantasy or a fairy tale movie but belongs to the real world.

The maiden venture from a bunch of youngsters through Philips and the Monkey Pena’s apparently become a dream debut for them. The movie propagates through the concept that every children are celestial and proper childhood is the criteria to become a better human being.The movie silently marches through the life of a “Problem Child”, Ryan Philip. Suddenly a Monkey Pen comes across his life which brings vital changes to his perspective towards everything. What is the secret about the Monkey Pen.? What is the hidden power in the Monkey Pen which converts a “Problem Child” to a “Precious Child”?


It is a story about a 5th grade student Ryan Philips who is finding it hard to come in terms with Mathematics. He along with 3 other students are regular latecomers to the school. Everyday Ryan gets offended by his class teacher (Maths teacher) for being late and not doing homework. This enrages him and he throws the teacher into a deep trouble. He even harms his fellow classmate for making him a laughing stock among other students in his class.Meanwhile his parents are struggling to foster him as they were married at an immature age for belonging in 2 separate religions. They are often questioned for not giving proper parental care. But all of a sudden he gets a monkey pen from his grand father whom he at first get into a fight without knowing each other.Later the monkey pen helps him to become the favourite student of his maths teacher and befriending the classmate he harmed before. What is the secret of Monkey Pen? How he manages to become a sensation in his school? Finally the movie ends up with a suitable climax conveying some useful tips to the society.


Master Anoop as Ryan Philip as the lead character manages to pull off a fabulous performance in his debut movie. As a wayward child, he excels in his comic timing and alluring infatuations.He is bestowed with superior acting talents may it be his smiles or when he breaks down or his arrogance. His charisma works big time which sets the stage for the movie. It needs special mentions to the methods he adopt to convince a girl and those moments he share with his father. Jayasurya stays within the story and plays the father character of Ryan Philips. His performance never goes overboard and the chemistry between both Philips clicks big time. He makes wonders with his matured dialogues in the later half. Vijay Babu is the Maths teacher who is seeking dignity among his colleagues. He does total justice to his role as a rough teacher in the first half and as a transformed to a soft one in the later half. RemyaNambesan, Mukesh, Innocent and Joy Mathew play their parts well. The student characters of the film excelled in each and every frame despite their prime venture. They have continuous screen presence in the film and can be helmed as the soul of the movie.

Technical Departments

The Twin Directors of the movie Shanil Mohammed and Rojin Thomas deserve accolades for brilliantly executing a simple and clinched storyline. “Character starts from the Childhood” probably would be the theme of the story. They are able to control the subject in its limits to appeal to every category of audience. They weave a childish tone in the movie to give it a magic touch that can enlighten the audience for two and a half hours. Most of the youngsters would envy their style of making which is well organised and planned. The innocent mindset of the Kids and the struggling teachers and parents are actually connected by the directors through a Monkey Pen which could be the possible tool lacking in our society. The story is written by Shanil Mohammed who exactly knows what is necessary to convey on screen. A sublime script with flawless moments travels through the heart of children and deeply explains their problems. The cinematography is truly natural and emphatic which sets the background for a child based story telling.The camera work is good especially the emotional attachments between teacher and students or between parents and children are captured lively. The music is lovable.En Kanimalare (both female and male versions) makes the audience hum along with them. The attachments of parents and son in the song effectively reaches the audience.

Bottom line

This is not a fantasy or a fairy tale movie but belongs to the real world. This is of social relevance in the current scenario when people are not exactly considering the basic needs of a child. The movie gives several light hearted moments especially in the first half which for major time revolves around the kids. The more serious it turns out to be, the subject becomes more interesting. This is a must watch movie for every parents and for every one who loves sensible humour. Every departments excel in their own ways and hence a rating of 4/5 would justify the effort of a good movie tailored.

Verdict: Superhit
Rating: 8 / 10


Written by: Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

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