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November 16 2013 | by Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

Thira Malayalam Movie review by Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

Shobhana is probably the only veteran associated with the movie who finally speaks in her own voice.

Human Traffickers and Drug Cartels have been usual business in Hollywood. Several films are made in this genre which are generally dark and embraces brutal and ruthless actions. Thira belonging to an action thriller genre narrates the story of a lady doctor who fights against human trafficking in India. The character of the leading lady is inspired from some real life heroes of India. When the highest officials of Indian Government and Corporate mafia’s are involved in Sex and Drug trade, what really a common man can do? The insecurity of the fellow beings and extreme affection for them lead a social worker/doctor to battle against the odds. An internal crisis which is far unknown to many people in our country is profoundly described in this movie without heroic elements. How successful is the lead actor successful in ripping apart an illegal system?


The movie begins with Doctor/Social worker Roshni played by Shobhana meets a minister demanding a probe into the death of her husband. She alleges that several officials are involved in a conspiracy to project her husband as a Paedophile and hence murdering him in jail for some hidden reasons. But on her return back to home, she is disheartened and outraged to find that all the girls she saved form sex traders are being abducted again. On the flipside, Naveen played by Dhyan Sreenivasan is making his way back to meet his sister only to witness his sister being kidnapped right in front of his eyes. Now they parallely embark on a mission to rescue their respective loved ones and they soon join together after realizing that they are on same track. Are they able to save the girls from the racketeers? Can Shobhana bring the killers of her husband to justice and revive his lost reputation? The movie culminates with Shobhana continuing her fight against the evil side stating it is literally not easy to eliminate an established racket.


Shobhana is probably the only veteran associated with the movie who finally speaks in her own voice. She is gritty and spunky to face any menacing situation. She is emotionally attached to her endearing ones but cannot be easily subdued by her enemies. Her dialogues accompanied by the countenance literally strike the right chord with the audience. She is angry and at the same time tricky against the notorious traffickers. Glad that an actress of her calibre is given enough scope in the story to perform rather than supporting the hero. By far one can say that the national award winning actress announces that she has a lot within her through a phenomenal comeback. Dhyan Sreenivasan must be proud to make such a debut through this movie. He has every bit of difficulties associated with a newcomer. But still he looks confident in his eyes with fear and anxiety in his eyes. His actions and dialogues are noteworthy. Both the lead characters share an excellent chemistry even without getting into a detailed acquaintance in the movie. Rest of the cast supporting the lead characters have considerably reduced screen presence.

Technical Departments

Vineeth Sreenivasan has elevated to new heights as a director through Thira. He has clear ideas of the story and has put in all his efforts to make an engaging script with all the information he could collect. He succeeds in conceiving the film as a thriller from the very first frame of the movie. His technical brilliance after bringing the two lead characters together becomes pivotal in development of the story. He introduced the racketeers very well but failed to give proper description by the end of the movie. He made a complex script look lucid with clear explanations to each and every breakthroughs made in the story. The cinematography is totally stunning. The crane shots and tacking shots used during the car scenes in the film are admiring. But the shakes during action scenes could have been avoided. The cinematography overall gives a dark mood for the thriller especially when the lead actors move into the isolated buildings. Music and BGM by Shaan Rahman is simply outstanding and exceptional. Best part is none of the songs come across the movie to destroy the racy mood but amplify the presentation. But sound dubbing at some points are ambiguous with BGM’s going too high above the dialogues.

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Bottom line

The first franchise of Thira Trilogy as claimed by the director in his blog is a movie which will be always remembered in the name of Vineeth Sreenivasan and Shobhana. Even though the theme is a dark thriller, the movie propagates through spine chilling moments even without physical turbulence and suspense. Right form the fist frame, the movie builds faith among the audience that the movie is going to end on a positive note despite the actors come across rather loosing situations. The makers connect the theme effectively with the audience and engages them in such a way that they fit in the shoes of the lead actors. Thira proves that movies can be made on a volatile subject with inspiring dialogues and sensible storytelling breaking the international barriers.

Verdict: Superhit
Rating: 8.5 / 10


Written by: Jayaram Gopalakrishnan

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