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The Team

Aravind Ajith
Aravind Ajith / Co-Founder & Managing Director

A self made entrepreneur, entwined in web designing and development for a decade. This award winning designer has associated with projects of world's leading firms including Apple,Intel,SAP and Jive. Foodie in every sense, he researches to bring out an own restaurant and dreams to become a film maker.

Amal Babu
Amal Babu / Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

A wizard in online marketing with over 4 years experience in the field of online marketing and social media, SEO and content strategy expert. He has been working on various online projects from his college days. Knows the pulse of the online social media and is keen on following the fast changing cyber world. He dreams of the day he becomes the Zuckerberg of India.

Rahul Menon
Rahul Menon / Sub Editor

He is a tech-enthusiast who loves to keep tabs on all the latest gadgets and gizmos. After spending 4 years in Engineering School, he finds himself pursuing a different path as a writer.

Sarath A R / Developer

Innovative and with a pronounced aesthetic sensitivity, this young techie is our front end developer.

Adhun Anand
Adhun Anand / Developer

This talented and meticulous young technocrat deploys his skills in back end development.

Hareesh Jayakumar
Hareesh Jayakumar / Photographer

Some one who believes that every picture tells a story.who there fore strives through his pictures to tell you a different story every single time.

Mintu Mathew
Mintu Mathew / Reporter

Spirited, inquisitive youngster with grandiose dreams reports in to us.

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